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Josh Sanders, Shiloh Street Real Estate

Josh Sanders, Owner / Managing Broker at Shiloh Street Real Estate

Josh Sanders
Owner / Managing Broker, Shiloh Street Real Estate

Back in 1998, I started studying real estate at the age of 17 and then began my real estate career as a home loan consultant at 20 years old, helping home buyers obtain financing to buy new homes and home owners to refinance their current mortgages.

I enjoyed being on the financial side of real estate, but I had the urge to get out from behind the desk.  My real estate finance experience, along with having studied real estate since a young age, gave me a fantastic knowledge base as I earned my Real Estate Broker’s License in 2004 and transitioned into helping those same clients buy and sell their residential real estate.

From 2004 – 2009 with my hands-on knowledge and experience of how real estate financing worked, I was able to help my clients buy and sell real estate with a higher level of expertise and competency than most other Realtors in the marketplace.

Helping 600+ Buyers & Sellers

For my home buying clients, I was able to help them structure their home purchases in the most advantageous way, from a personal finance and investment standpoint.  For my home selling clients, I was able to weed out offers from potential home buyers who were unable to financially purchase my client’s homes from those buyers that I knew had a strong financial base to follow through on the purchase.  This saved my home selling clients from wasting weeks and months of time on home buyers who ultimately couldn’t follow through on the purchase.

By working with over 600+ home buyers and sellers during these 5 years, I knew exactly what buyers wanted to see when they stepped inside a house.  I understood what caused them to make an offer and what made them walk back out the door in the first 60 seconds.

Being able to tell my home selling clients the exact steps we needed to take in order to sell their home in the shortest period of time and for the highest price was a direct result of having spent time working with so many different home buyers.

No BS.
No Sales Pressure.
Just Straight-Talk You Can Trust.

In 2009, after gaining the required experience and education according to WA State licensing laws, I decided to open my own real estate brokerage, Shiloh Street Real Estate.

A driving factor in that decision was that I didn’t see many Realtors who were truly 100% on their client’s side.  Instead, I saw many who were focused on and trained in high-pressure sales tactics to manipulate people into buying and selling their homes and who were concerned only with getting a commission check. I always helped my clients with a ‘no sales pressure’ twist, giving them straight-talk they could trust without the “BS” they would get from other Realtors, and I wanted to create and be in control of a company that was founded on those principles. And that’s why I started Shiloh Street Real Estate in 2009.

My teams and I have helped our clients buy & sell millions worth of real estate in King and Snohomish County.  I’ve helped clients in all price ranges; from $50,000 condos all the way up to multi-million dollar homes. I don’t say this to brag, but to demonstrate that I have a solid track record and valuable experience over the years that gives me the expertise needed to confidently help you sell your home for the highest price possible and in the shortest amount of time.

Just a Few of Our Recently SOLD Homes….


Here’s What a Few of My Clients Have Said About Me….

“You did an amazing job putting up with my concerns and giving us the best advice so we got a great deal. More than I hoped for!!! Thank you so much. It was a pleasure working with you. Others in the neighborhood are looking to sell. I will definitely recommend you.”

– George and Nina Dalich


“Not being in town during the sale of my home, it was of upmost importance to me to find someone who is trustworthy, and Josh is definitely someone I can trust. Having Josh as my realtor gave me peace and assurance that he will take care of things for me. At the same time, he provided regular status update so that I am always aware of what’s going on and what are the next action items. In addition, I love his “no BS” philosophy. He was forthright when necessary and provided solid insightful advice. His easy going and jovial manner sealed the deal in my choice for a real estate agent whom I would choose again and would recommend to anyone who need a great realtor.”

– Ed Woo


“Thank you, Josh! It’s been a pleasure working with you and appreciate all your hard work and patience thru this process. Will def give your name out to anyone that’s looking to sell or buy! Have a great summer!!”

– Miriam McHardy


“Working with Josh made selling my home of 30 years such a comfortable experience, one that I would not have expected. He allows you to decide your pace and promptly responds to all your questions/concerns. His knowledge of real estate and his efficient work ethic is a significant advantage to making your home a top priority. I also enjoyed working with a sincere, honest, and friendly person who makes you feel like family throughout the process. I would highly recommend him without reservations. A great job, Josh. Thank you.”

– Sandy Raymond


“We had the best possible experience with selling our condo and Josh was a huge part of that. Even when things weren’t going smoothly and repairs were needed prior to the sale, Josh was able to explain everything as we went along and make the sale work. He is professional, responsible, responsive, and a great guy. It was a pleasure working with him! We will definitely be using him when we go to purchase a new home.”

– Nick and Amy Campbell


“He took the time to listen to what we wanted and what we could afford. Josh offered great response time whenever we needed him to do something for us or call us back.  He helped us avoid bad decisions by being honest about risks and trade-offs. He never made us feel rushed. He took us to see multiple houses and was patient with our many questions and deliberations.  He worked tirelessly to work out details with our lender and the seller during closing.  I was hesitant about buying a house because all I could see was pitfalls and red tape. Working with Josh, I felt freed up to focus on the things I had to do because I had confidence from the start we could depend on him.”

– Psalm Terry


“At the risk of sounding too effusive, Josh Sanders is the best realtor ever.  And, I know of what I speak because I have purchased 19 personal residences during my life.  Josh has helped me buy two of them and sell one and since I obviously like to move, he will probably be helping me with a few more before I am gone.  I won’t go to anyone else but Josh from now on – not ever!

For me personally what I like the best is his responsiveness to me.  He truly does get back to you right away.  You know how it can be when you a looking for a home, it is the only thing on your mind and waiting for a return call is nerve wracking.  But, it’s not just the timely call back, he actually answers your questions, or finds out the answer, or does what you want him to do (if he can).

And talk about no pressure, I have never felt a bit of it. In fact, he feels more like a friend than a professional when it comes to buying or selling your home.  I say friend, because he always has your best interest in his mind and heart, and he will tell you the truth even though you don’t want to hear it sometimes.  For example, on the sale of my last place, I so wanted to list it higher because the market seemed to be going up so fast.  He strongly advised me to go lower because we needed to get an appraisal that matched the offer.  When I did as he advised, the appraisal came in exactly at the offer price.  Just imagine the headache it would have been otherwise.

When I say Josh feels more like a friend than a professional that is not to say he is not professional in every aspect of the buying or selling transaction.  His use of professional photos to sell my house made it look its very best.  Truly, I almost wondered why I was even selling it.  I felt very proud of what I was offering.  All of the normal paper transactions are handled on-line too.  No running here and there to sign papers or to jot in a missed initial. It goes so smooth it feels almost seamless.  Oh, and even when nothing seems to happening after the appraisal he still stays on top of the progress and gives you frequent updates.

I got it, the word I am looking for is Ally.  Josh is my ally in all aspects of the buying and selling experience.  I completely trust him to have my back and make sure I get the best deal possible.  Let him be your ally as well.”

– Barb Shosten


“Josh was very knowledgeable and helpful. The stress that can come with searching for a new home was diminished by his calm demeanor. I appreciated that he was willing to look at a lot of different homes with us, but also would let us know if he thought something would be a waste of our time. I would highly recommend Josh to anyone.”

– Bekah Terry


“Josh Sanders made finding a home as comfortable as it can be. His patience, persistence and knowledge of the real estate market gave me confidence in my purchase. I highly recommend Shiloh Street Real Estate.”

– Sean McHardy


“Josh possesses the qualities of a real estate agent most important to me:  he is very knowledgeable, enormously respectful, scrupulously honest, indefatigable, and bent on securing the desired outcome.  Perhaps patient to a fault, Josh explored a number of possible avenues with me over a period of months until I finally achieved greater focus; then, with new clarity,  the perfect property appeared.  Josh guided me deftly through the purchase process and was always available to answer my questions.  All went very smoothly, and I could not be happier with the property we found.”

– Jo Ann Nostrand


“When it became apparent that the house was going to be sold because of the divorce, I researched real estate agents and called Josh at Shiloh Street, and he told me we should list it for X and it will sell for Y. The [now] -ex didn’t like the numbers and hired a guy from Windermere that asked her “How much do you think it is worth?”? After it went on the market, the Windermere agent strongly suggested we drop the price after less than one week due to his colleagues calling it over-priced. After suffering two months of buyers visiting at any time and no offers, we finally dropped it to X and it sold for Y in one week.  When I needed advice for buying my next house, guess who my first call was to? Sanders knows his business and isn’t afraid to be honest.”

– Jim Heale


“Josh, thank you so much for all your help and advice you gave Bill on his house he sold. And your help on the house he bought. You are appreciated so much! Thank you also for the gift, it was such a generous and thoughtful thing to do. Bill told me he sent a thank you from both of us but I feel I needed to thank you also!!!”

– Charlene Swan


“I’d like to thank you for your outstanding work on our recent house purchase. We have been very pleased with your services that you and your team provided. Your attention to details and support was just phenomenal. No pushing to deals we were not interested in – just trying to help us get the best deal. Your continued support after the purchase and friendship will stay with us forever. You made us very happy and we love our place. Should we ever decide to move, you are our man. Thank you Josh!”

– Richard and Marcela Vlahova


“My name is Joseph Binda, a former customer of Josh Sanders. I first met Josh in Everett Washington after numerous telephone and email communications regarding the possibility of me buying a home. I was a first time home buyer and had no clue on how the housing market worked. After our first meeting, Josh immediately got to work and provided me with all the best information that I needed as a first time home buyer. He then directed me to the best mortgage company ever, Caliber Home Loan Inc. As you might know, the process of finding your home as a first time home buyer can sometimes be frustrating and stressful. It is worth mentioning the advice and encouragement Josh gave to me and my wife to make the home buying process a fun experience.”

– Joseph Binda


“A great agent for a first-time home buyer. Knowledgeable, understanding and straight to the point, making the home buying process easy. Will definitely recommend you. Thanks again.”

– The Reid Family


“Josh was very professional in the way he handled our purchase of a new home. We gave him our requirements and he was quickly able to find a match and was helpful with all the paperwork once we made a decision. We trusted him and he provided us with excellent service.  He was not only our agent but also our consultant.”

– Tad Tsegaye


“Hi Josh, we hope you are doing fine with your family. It is gratifying to meet someone dedicated to doing an excellent job. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated. If our family can serve you in anyway, please do not hesitate to call us. Thank you for taking time and making it possible for us to get our dream home. In today’s world, time is precious. You were always there whenever we needed you without hesitation or complaint. You can be rest assured that we will always be respectful of the time you invest on us. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. Thank you for being there for us.”

– Stanley and Margaret Annoh


“Working with Josh was a great experience in selling my home. I made the choice to sign with Shiloh Street because of the personal and professional chemistry I felt in getting the house sold for the amount I was looking for. Even with the few hurdles the house had, we were able to navigate them and I was able to achieve my goals in the sale. I would work with Josh again in my future real estate needs.”

– Allan Jones


“We are pleased to have chosen you as our broker… you were great to work with and I would be happy to be a reference for you!”

– Greg and Kristine Gonyea


“I really appreciated the information you put on your website; the videos, the articles, and the ability to do virtual tours. I used your site for a year before we finally decided to buy. I felt you were straightforward and honest. I have recommended you to friends and will continue to do so.”

– Joy O’Riley


“Hi Josh,

A friend of mine received one of your brochures in the mail and thought that I should contact you to help me sell my condo. As it turned out you were the best realtor that I could have asked for. You are honest, transparent, expeditious, approachable and most of all looked out for best interest.

I look forward to working with you again in the future. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family.”

– Jill Ramsey