Why Is My Home Getting Showings But No Offers From Home Buyers?

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Should a Home Seller Accept an Offer From an ‘Un-Approved’ Home Buyer?

  Probably not. But it depends on the situation. First, what does it mean for a home buyer to be ‘pre-approved’? Ideally (and I’ll get into why I say “ideally” in a minute), it means … [Read more...]

Who Pays the Realtor’s Commission…. The Home Buyer or Seller?

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Why Hiring Your Realtor to Be a ‘Dual Agent’ is BS

  Hiring a Realtor or Real Estate Broker is like a hiring a lawyer; you want someone to represent you and not the other party. You wouldn’t hire a lawyer who somehow tries to represent you … [Read more...]

Real Estate Agents vs. Real Estate Brokers vs. Realtors… What’s The Difference?

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Are Realtors Lying When They Guarantee to Sell Your Home in 29 Days?

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Should You Leave Buyers Alone in Your Home?

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2 Tricks to Get More Home Showings

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3 Reasons Why You Can’t Skip Getting Professional Listing Photos

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Don’t List Your Home on a Tuesday

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Why Your Home’s Value Is Wrong on Zillow.com

  Zillow.com is one of the most popular, nationwide real estate websites out there but what are they hiding from you? You can get a ‘zestimate’ to see what your home is worth and their … [Read more...]

What is the Best Month to Sell Your Home?

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What is a Land Contract?

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9 Easy Home Staging Tips

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5 Tips for Selling Your Home in 27 Days

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What is a ‘Short Sale’?

  ‘Short Sale’ is the buzz word in real estate these days and we haven’t had any shortage of homebuyers coming to us at Shiloh Street asking, “What is a short sale?” I’m going explain … [Read more...]

The Dirty Truth Behind Realtor Fees

  Obviously, I like keeping things real even when I'm talking about Realtor fees and commissions.  Sometimes I’m a little too real or too honest or too blunt for some of my fellow real … [Read more...]

Do ‘Open Houses’ Really Sell Your Home?

This might have some listing agents (outside of Shiloh Street) hunting me down but I want to dispel the myth surrounding holding an open house to get your home sold. As a home seller, you’ve … [Read more...]